Our Story

With a missionary vision and a great love for Mexican cuisine, is how our "Espadaña" is born, a member of our family that has allowed us to believe in this project that was born as a dream and today is a reality of success, growth and faith. Our daily work and our flavor will continue to bear fruit and to please all our visitors over the years ...

The Restaurant "La Espadaña" represents an endless of feelings, nostalgia, melancholy and many joys, memorable memories that continue to accompany us in time, in the passage of people who always return or in those who are no longer and left an important mark . in our history ... there are up to 25 years.

Always grateful for your preference and presence in "La Espadaña" is why we continue on the path to improve, to provide a service that makes you feel at home in a warm and friendly atmosphere and in turn, we hope to receive your comments for this continue to be a family pride and a delight for each of you in every visit.

Thank you for being part of our history and continue to mark every day we have the opportunity to serve you,

- La Espadaña -

Operating hours

For events call
Mon - Sat
Telephone: 664 634 1488


Boulevard Sanchez Taboada 10813, Zona Rio, 22010 Tijuana B.C. Mexico
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